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Wood Door Choice With Tips For Home More Warm And Harmonious
Aug 30, 2016

1, the overall harmony of natural

With most iron door is who? it would have been only the walls. Wooden door as space important decoration of the façade, contrasts with the walls can seem lively. If the walls are white, wooden doors still used white, will make the space devoid of dynamics. For those who have a soft spot for light colors, you can try to wall paint color such as light yellow, light blue, scattered light color can visually create a sense of space and color difference is not much, of course, or it will give people a feeling of clutter doesn't match. Meanwhile, echoing the tone of the wood door and furniture so that greater overall coordination, make the whole decoration looks like nature itself, if one.

2, color phase take shades affordable

Whatever the West Lake, the girl always. Dark wood doors match dark floors, often used to conservative designs or traditional-style design, this match is more common. Traditional decoration idea are wall or door color should be light on the ground, so you can stretch the space vision. Floor is relatively very high frequency, which belongs to the safe color, even if you couldn't make the wrong match where. Dark color floor door of pairing is common, many styles are used.

3, style coordination modeling

One radish one hole, a decorating style that would require all things revolve around style requirements. A home décor consists of Chinese, European, simple, classic, wood doors not only to meet the requirements of home style in color, the shape is consistent with home décor, artful combinations of shapes and colors, can be derived from a variety of styles, for housing the overall mix to create a lot of imagination. Chinese wooden doors, traditional Chinese wooden doors of classical atmosphere, full of culture, is restrained at home.