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Tile Sanitary Ware Market Or Will Enter The Golden Age
Jan 03, 2017

Tile sanitary ware products in the 23 market share is very low, the development of these markets is bound to greatly promote the development of ceramic tile industry. Tile to the countryside and home appliances, cars, as a new fashion, the country's "western development", "new rural construction" policy is to provide a great help. Visible, China's ceramic sanitary ware market in the second and third tier cities have great opportunities for development and potential.

This year, the property market regulation, ceramic sanitary ware industry to bring a certain channel change. The move not only brought the development of new channels for the industry, the ceramic tile industry will help the transformation and upgrading, but also help improve the industry sales channels, to the ceramic sanitary ware industry to bring greater room for development.

In addition, the domestic urbanization process is accelerating, the rapid development of urban economy, the protection of housing bulk delivery, and urban residents living standards and spending power is also rapidly rising, domestic 23 or even four cities of ceramic sanitary ware market will usher in a Development of the golden age.

China's rapid development of ceramic sanitary ware industry, the strength has grown, tile market pattern has shown signs of scale. 2016-2021 China's sanitary ware industry market demand and investment advisory report shows that after 20 years of development, China has become the world's first sanitary ware production in the country, and formed a number of influential national brand tile.

The manufacturing base of the ceramic tile enterprises in developed countries shifted to China, which promoted the overall technical level and management level of China's ceramic tile industry, and improved the cultivation of consumers to a certain extent, so as to promote the rapid development and expansion of the whole industry. Bedding and support.

Globalization and specialization of the division of labor cooperation system for the Chinese ceramic sanitary ware provides a good market opportunities, is conducive to Chinese ceramic sanitary ware at a higher level in the global development of ceramic sanitary ware and competition.

Sanitary ware industry market research and analysis report is expected from 2015 to 2018, the global demand for metal sanitary ware market will grow by 5.4%, respectively, including China, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Jordan and the United States is considered the most likely growth in the next few countries .

According to a recent study by the top international market research firm survey data, the global metal sanitary ware market in the next few years will grow 5.4%; after 2007 to 2014 to maintain an annual growth rate of 8.2%. Currently, stainless steel basin and sink occupy the major market share of 32.2%; in addition to stainless steel and iron bathtub 6.6%, and other stainless steel and iron ware products 38.4%; 17.7% of copper ware and aluminum ware 5.0 / RTI & gt;

The world's largest metal sanitary ware market is mainly: Australia, China, Germany, Italy and the United States. However, the strongest growth is expected in the next few years in Bolivia (16.8%), Bangladesh (16.4%), Jordan (14.6%), Vietnam (8.6%) and China (8.1%). China's ceramic sanitary ware market in the global competition in the market also has great room for development, innovation, technology and other aspects need to continue in the running of the line.