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How To Choose A Good Brick
Mar 20, 2017

Choose good brick of seven elements
See the tile: brick surface pinhole, spots, brick surface have qualitative feeling, have off color;
Shape: see ceramic tile whether deformation, line is straight, measuring the two diagonals of ceramic tile are equal;
Bibulous rate, bibulous rate is: see ceramic tile positive ink drops in brick, diffusion area is smaller, blot the longer the time, bibulous rate is lower, the better the quality;
Listen to the voice: by hand knock ceramic tile, the crisp sound, the better the quality;
Ok weight: the heavier weight, the better the quality of a material;
Unpacking check: unpacking inspection, will each take a different box products, flat out after the presence of off color, size are the same;
Look on the back: brick on the back of the color is white quality better.