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Ceramic Tile Is How To Choose, Six Tips Let False Discover All Ceramic Tile
Jul 17, 2017

Ceramic tile is how to choose, six tips let false discover all ceramic tile

Ceramic tile in decorate is not part of the less, a lot of friends at the time of choosing ceramic tile, put all the building materials market at a time, the eyes are spent, or don't know how to choose, each said his good ceramic tile, it is difficult to distinguish, difficult to choice.Don't try so hard, today, I taught you how to choose ceramic tile.

1. The anti-fouling test

This method is simpler, writing is the use of ink on ceramic tile to identify, if it is easy to erase, after finish that illustrate the antifouling property of ceramic tile is better, later use process is easy to do.This is very important.

2. The inferior ceramic tile

To see the back of the ceramic tile ceramic tile over, if the color is not uniform, and above have black spots, means that the ceramic tile in the process of firing did not do a good job in removing impurity.

3. The hardness of the ceramic tile

Top grade average hardness of ceramic tile is taller, strong toughness, not easy to break.Generally when buying ceramic tile, we can take two pieces of samples each tap, sound is crisp and agile, sounds like metallic ceramic tile, hardness is better.

4. Test the water absorption of ceramic tile

Sitting room, bedroom, aisle to use the high frequency of ceramic tile, often activity area, so the ceramic tile water absorption test to do.Pour the water in the pros and cons of ceramic tile directly, see the stand or fall of judging water absorption of ceramic tile ceramic tile, if all go in the water absorption, shows that the quality of ceramic tile is not good.

5. Ceramic tile size

To buy a tape measure, measure around the ceramic tile is uniform, whether level off, and its thickness is uniform.Can also be judged by banging on the method of ceramic tile, voice more clear is good ceramic tile.Choose good quality ceramic tile installation is convenient, and the effect is good.

Finally, ceramic tile to the ground when newborn, this is very difficult to test.Professional advice is don't choose the cheap to buy ceramic tile.Above is selected the method of ceramic tile and judgment of several standard, hope I can help you to choose to good ceramic tile.