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20,16 Crystallized Glass Ceramic Tiles Brand List, How Much Is A Microcrystalline Square Meters?
Aug 30, 2016

Microlite is a new type of decoration materials, composite microcrystalline glass-ceramics composite plates, is a layer of composite ceramic glass stone 3-5mm glass-ceramic surface after sinter II full integration of high-tech products. Thickness of microcrystalline 13-18mm, gloss greater than 95.

Crystallized what is the price per square metre? Price is not the same for different brands of microcrystalline, most crystallized in the market price of 200 Yuan to 800 yuan per square meter, and micro-Crystal stone tile size is larger, which is dominated by 800 mm x800 mm brick, traditional tiles of 600 mm x600 mm has been rare, larger brick are 1000 mm x1000 mm. Micro-Crystal stone tile size increases, the more expensive, due to larger size tile flatness, warping degree not grasp, making complex process. With the addition of more and more enterprises, microcrystalline products in the process of growing popularity, the price will be reduced. But brand high added value product prices will remain high, crystallized the price gap will further widen.