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Security Door Of The Judge
Jul 03, 2017

Security Door Of The Judge

nsumers have been locked the more points the more safety point of view to the blind.Actually like a family to decorate the security door lock as long as there are four points is enough.Is associated with maximum safety lock, lock the safety of the good and bad decision to exit.back doors with windows

Lock is the core of the anti-theft lock, generally speaking, anti-theft security door has a lock up and down or so each point, namely four lock point actually is enough.exterior back door

Security door is easily lost, often and manufacturers to save production costs, leads to the misuse of some cheap inferior door lock, most anti-theft security door manufacturing enterprises low-cost procurement to the society to locks, lock body of steel quality a lot do not conform to the national standard, some are not even steel plate, adopting is imitation or copy of steel casting iron plate of inferior material, don't pry, some one plus external forces that can be door exterior

Lock point a, price is often a rising tide lifts all boats, in fact is not the more points the more expensive the lock anti-theft security door is good, so high honor door to remind everyone to buy the door don't forget for distribution companies to provide the level of security door locks used standards.exterior french entry doors

The consumers need to know is whether the security, security doors or anti-theft security door really its security role is lock, lock point no matter how much useless, pay attention to lock anti-theft lock core quality, is the key.front doors with frames