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Classification and characteristics of wooden doors
Sep 02, 2016

General form of wooden doors: plastic doors, panel door grille, flat-panel doors, wood glass doors, antique Lattice doors, wooden metal lattice door. Install form of swing doors, sliding doors, woven door, revolving door, and so on.

Wooden door is a general term for plywood doors and panel door. Its forms are active, the surface can be beautifully decorated all kinds of lines. Not only do interior doors, can also be done outside the main door. Process can be divided into: log color wood veneer doors, hardwood doors, solid wood doors (veneer: teak, maple, ash, oak, etc).

1, solid wood veneer doors. The doors with solid wood frames, veneer Maple, teak, beech, ash, oak. It features a beautiful, graceful, easy deformation, the price is cheaper.

2, wood color wood door. The materials used are wood, process, process of high quality. It is characterized by luxury and beauty, styling and thick, high prices and easy to shape.

3, hardwood doors in addition to the shortfall in its logs of color outside, others such as machining, molding and wooden doors of wood color are basically the same. Is characterized by beautiful, not easily deformed, price is also lower than the wood color wood door.

Wood grille glass doors according to different varieties of glass, can be divided into: matte glass lattice door, car glass lattice door, flat glass Lattice doors, stained-glass lattice door, and so on.

Flat panel doors with a long history, it's plain, simple and give people a sense of steadfast. Its timber teak, maple, ash, oak, and its features are easy to clean, smooth, generous. Often used for home decoration is simple and plain.