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Ceramic Tile Industry Development Three New Trends
Jul 10, 2017

Ceramic Tile Industry Development Three New Trends

Tile industry after years of fought to become more mature, the gradual development of the industry presents a variety of new normal, but it is worth mentioning that the oppression in one area, the urgent need to transition tile industry, the new normal Under the tile industry needs to do a good job of product innovation, sustainable development of environmental protection and brand value of the extension, which will establish the status of the industry evergreen.

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Product innovation - the design concept plays an important role

According to the designers engaged in the design of ceramic products for many years, "the rapid development of ceramic tile industry, tile decoration has gradually been the attention of consumers, tiles are becoming more personalized and artistic design." At the same time, industry experts also recognized that " Tiles market continues to develop, the future tile design concept will play a more important role in the development of enterprises. "However, look at the status of the tile industry, the design concept has not been accepted by the majority of tile enterprises, design products plagiarism. Therefore, the ceramic tile enterprise wants to develop, only through the technical upgrading, carries on the product innovation.

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Environmental protection measures - green consumption into the mainstream of market development

This year, Chai Jing's documentary "under the dome" "duang" about the fire. Subsequently, the convening of the two sessions, "environmental protection" into the focus of the object, coupled with the implementation of the new environmental law. Suddenly, "environmental protection" such as "blockbuster" as in the industry exploded. With the help of the Internet, environmental protection heat high. In this context, the tile industry insiders believe that the theme of environmental protection products or will become a hot market. "Tile market is bound to be the mainstream of green consumption.Tiles as an integral part of building decoration, environmental protection will be more and more consumers." At the same time, experts also pointed out that in the next 5 years through environmental upgrading and transformation Of the ceramic tile enterprises or will be more competitive advantage.

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Brand value - to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

Unique core value of the brand allows consumers to clearly identify the personality of the brand point, but also drive consumer recognition, like and even fell in love with a major brand power. At present, the tile market homogenization of serious, part of the tile enterprises have not yet formed a clear brand awareness, not refining the core values of these enterprises in the market competition will be more difficult to come to the fore. To refine the core value of the brand, we should first analyze the status quo of competitors, consumer demand characteristics, and in-depth and detailed enterprise resource analysis, thereby refining the core values of their own brand. Now consumers are generally concerned about the professionalism of tile business services and the pursuit of high quality of life, so in the next five years, tile companies can strengthen the brand positioning from these two aspects, so that refining the core values more landing.

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